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Sophie B. Hawkins Thrilled at City Winery

–by Randy Thompson and Vicki Lee

Sophie B. Hawkins and her touring band appeared at City Winery in St. Louis on May 13 for an intimate performance amidst a delightful setting.

They were celebrating the recent release of her new album Free Myself. And being free, honest, hopeful, and connected were the running themes of the night.

This is a tightly woven band as Sophie has surrounded herself with exceptionally talented, multifaceted musicians, Seth Gleir, and drummer Katie Marie. All three band members switched instruments throughout the night, with Sophie on drums, bongos, piano, and guitar, while the other two also made rounds of the stage playing various instruments.

St. Louis Winery is a quality music venue with fine acoustics, and the audience felt very free to reach out to her throughout the night, offering kind words and support as well as a big “Yee Ha”, that Sophie embraced and repeated throughout the evening.

The band played a variety of music, including older hits and new music from Free Myself. Sophie B.was in good voice and had cosmic energy throughout the night. There were songs where she was a whirling dervish, playing on the bongos which were straddled between her knees, her hair swinging wildly in the air, and kinetic energy filled the room. At times, she would collapse to the floor and continue singing perfectly to the crowd.

The audience was appreciative, and at times joined in, singing clapping and completely enjoying themselves. Sophie was also very comfortable telling humorous stories about her life and musical career.

The band finished the show with an amazing crescendo, a full out, no holds barred version of “Damn, I Want To Be Your Lover”. The very last gift to the audience was a short acapella version of “Love Yourself”.

We all left embracing her message of free yourself, be yourself, and live life to the fullest.

Sophie B. Hawkins Setlist:

Mysteries We Understand
Before I Walk on Fire
As I Lay Me Down to Sleep
Right Beside You
Green Eyes
Love Yourself
I Only Hungered For Your Love
Better Off Without You
Only Love
Free Myself
You Are My Balloon
Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover
Consume Me with Your Fire
Free Yourself (acapella)

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