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Arm’s Length Returns With New Album “Never Before Seen, Never Again Found” Out Today

Arm’s Length photo by Danny DeRusso


–by Robert Wilkins


Canadian four-piece emo band Arm’s Length are back with a brand-new album: Never Before Seen, Never Again Found. The group consists of Allen Steinberg (vocals/guitar), Zak Fellows on bass and are rounded out by brothers Jeremy (vocals/guitar) and Jeff Whyte (drums). They may have come up in the small town of Belleville, Ontario, Canada but you’d never know by their huge sound.

Let me start by saying that I am not a huge emo fan and because of that I’m not sure I like the label “emo” for Arm’s Length. Sure, they have their sappy moments and girls are sure to love these guys, but they can flat out rock! Please understand that I mean that as the highest compliment. They are every bit as much or more pop punk than emo.

The very first song on the album “Overture” is a perfect example of the dichotomy of Arm’s Length’s sound. The first song starts off a bit like a ballad. Dare I even say it’s a bit pretty. Halfway through however, the song builds, and they are quickly into rock out mode.

“Object Permanence” and “Aries” are both hard rocking gems. I love the drum work by Jeff Whyte on ”Object Permanence” in particular. I can definitely hear Dave Grohl during his Queens of the Stone Age days being channeled in this song. It definitely adds to the heaviness of the sound. “Aries” is a punk-pop masterpiece worthy of radio airplay. The band plays on this song with an urgency that is sure to move any crowd whether it be singing along or bouncing through a mosh pit.

I really like the song “Tough Love”. It is a bit power ballad (ish) and has a couple guitar parts that play on odd timings. It is great! It reminds me of the Raconteurs if they were an emo band. I’m not sure too many people would complain about being compared to Jack White and Brenden Benson, though.  A huge win in my book.

The band really change things up on “Family and Friends”. It is very much Arm’s Length but has a very pop-centric appeal to it in a very 80’s way. The beat makes me want to shake it like a white girl in a Corey Hart video.

All kidding aside, this is a great record. These guys know how to rock! They also really know how to craft a great song and use contrast between the hard and soft. After watching videos of performances on-line I can see that these guys really know how to bring it live. I’d love to see these guys on a bill like Riotfest in Chicago next year. They deserve to be out there showing off their stuff alongside the new acts in punk and the long-time luminaries of the genre.


Track Listing:

  1. Overture
  2. Object Permanence
  3. Aries (Moth Song)
  4. Tough Love
  5. Formative Age
  6. Muscle Memory
  7. Playing Mercy
  8. Everything As I Knew It
  9. In Loving Memory
  10. Family and Friends
  11. Dirge

Never Before Seen, Never Again Found is out now via Wax Bodega.

Arm’s Length is on the road now with Young Culture and Super American on the Yo, Sup? Tour. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

October29–Phoenix, AZ–Valley Bar

October30–Anaheim, CA–Chain Reaction

October31–Sacramento, CA–Goldfield Trading Post

November 2–Seattle,WA–Vera

November 3–Portland,OR–ManoOculta

November5–SaltLake City,UT–TheBeehive


November8–KansasCity, MO–Rino


November10–Columbus, OH–BigRoom Bar

November 11–Franklin,WI–JJ’s Bar & Grill** Headline show w/ Barely Civil and Tiny Voice



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