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Album Review: Sunsleeper is Back With Exciting New Album,”While You Can”

Sunsleeper – While You Can. Photo courtesy of Big Picture Media.


–by Robert Wilkins


Emo band Sunsleeper is releasing a new album While You Can Friday 10/7/22.  It is an exciting follow up to 2019’s You Can Miss Something & Not Want It Back.

The group was formed in Salt Lake City UT. in 2015 and is comprised of Jeffery Mudgett on lead vocals, Matt Mascarenas and Cody Capener on guitar, Jacob Lara on bass and Scott Schilling on drums.

While touring behind YCMS&NWIB the tour was cut short due to Covid. The time off from the road gave the band some time to reflect and write new songs. This album is the culmination of that creative period.

“In the Clouds” is the first song on the record to grab my attention. It starts as an uplifting and upbeat song that almost borders on pop punk. It is proof enough that the band is capable of rocking out. Do not worry though if you are a diehard fan, it doesn’t take long before it gets back to its emo roots in the second half.

“Anywhere” is a catchy acoustic ballad that changes the tempo of the album. It is catchy enough to be popular with listeners beyond the typical fan and highlights the true songwriting ability of the band. I cannot help but to envision this song in a movie. It is perfect for the scene where a couple are separately staring out their windows thinking about each other. I would not be surprised if you ended up hearing this song somewhere down the road.

Sunsleeper photo by Megan Mudgett.

Things pick up again with “Feel What You Can”. This is my personal favorite song on the album. It has an even stronger pop punk feel than “In the Clouds” and if it were up to me, this would be the first single from the album. It is without a doubt good enough to garner radio airplay on alternative and pop stations alike.

The song “Currents” starts with a killer bass line that grooves throughout the song. It gives it a bit of a heavier feel and I must admit it adds a nice contrast to the dreamy vocals. This is without a question another standout song on the album.

The record is moody and introspective as one would expect from an emo band. It does however deliver catchy hooks that are sure to catch the ear. If good musicianship and lyrics with sullen topics are up your alley, they are sure to be touring behind the record soon. I have no doubt they will deliver in a live setting.


While You Can Track Listing:

  • Porch Light
  • In the Clouds
  • Blemishes
  • Stay Home
  • Anywhere
  • Quitter
  • Feel What You Can
  • Currents
  • Way Out
  • Thief

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