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Post Malone Vibed Off the Crowd at Enterprise Center in Saint Louis Friday

Post Malone at Enterprise Center. Photo by Ryan Ledesma.

–by Valerie Helton

–Photos by Ryan Ledesma

Post Malone continued the 2nd leg of his Runaway tour with a stop at Enterprise Center in St. Louis on Friday February 7th, 2020. Included on the tour was DJ E Nice, Tyla Yaweh and Swae Lee.

The show began promptly at 6:45pm with DJ E Nice pumping up the crowd. He performed by himself for about 10 minutes, remixing popular songs that most of the crowd knew. At the end of the set, Tyla Yaweh came out to start his performance. At first, I was confused about whether he was just a guest for DJ E Nice, or it was his actual set. But his entrance was epic (considering he was just an opening act) with trippy videos playing on the big screens and everyone having their phone lights on. DJ E Nice continued to stay on set while Tyla was performing.

Tyla Yaweh at Enterprise Center. Photo by Ryan Ledesma.

Tyla Yaweh continued to utilize the big screens showing trippy graphics and even music videos to the songs he was performing. He had a lot of energy and ran and jumped around stage the entire set. During some parts, I made a comment about how he looked like he was working out on stage by running in place, which I thought was comical.

Tyla really interacted with the crowd. Before performing his song “Salute” he told everyone to put their drinks in the air and scream “SALUUUUUTE!”. He even asked for all “pot heads” to put up their camera lights while he played “High Right Now”. The stadium was completely lit up. He played the music video to “High Right Now” on the big screens. Parts of this song is mixed with “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day, and the music video even features Billie Joe Armstrong. The song is catchy, and I had it in my head all weekend.

Towards the end of his set, he ran out in the middle of the crowd and sang. The last song he played was “High Right Now” for the second time. I’ve never seen an artist play a song twice in one set before, so I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Next to perform was Swae Lee. He came out with videos playing on the big screens of his face with different graphics on it, like roses for example. During one of his songs, be brought out long stem roses and threw them to the crowd while he was singing.

Swae Lee at Enterprise Center. Photo by Ryan Ledesma.

The first half of his set, I was a little bored. He didn’t do too much, other than sing and walk around the stage. Once he came out and mentioned how he wanted this show to be unforgettable, even when you’re 96, it got more interesting. He played more songs that people knew like Black Beatles and his part of “Spoil My Night”, which is a Post Malone song that he’s featured in. His energy seemed to go up, and he was running around the stage and dancing.

He did interact with the crowd well, by telling them to do different things like turning to the person next to you that you love and say, “I love you babyyy”, and turning on cell phone lights. He ended his set by getting in the crowd and singing. He even gave his phone number out at the end for people to text him.

Finally, it was time for Post Malone to come out. He came out about 15-20 minutes later than his scheduled time. The crowd started the wave while waiting for him to come on.

Post Malone at Enterprise Center. Photo by Ryan Ledesma.

The stage was set up like a runway, with a long wall of lights over it. Before his set began, the crew lowered the lights all the way to the floor. As the music started, fog was coming from the floor of the stage and the lights would flash brightly with the music as it started to rise back to the ceiling. He started out by singing “Hollywood’s Bleeding”, the first track from his most recent album. He was wearing a jersey that said Bud Light on the front and the name Posty on the back with the number 4. He is clearly sponsored by Bud Light, and even mention that St. Louis was home to the best beer in the world, Bud Light.

This was probably the loudest crowd I have ever experienced at a show. Some of the screams were ear piercing, and Post Malone even mention multiple times how thankful he was for everyone there. He talked to the crowd before every song, which I really enjoyed.

Post Malone at Enterprise Center. Photo by Ryan Ledesma.

His voice sounded great through most of his songs and he sang with a lot of emotion, especially during his performance of “I Fall Apart”, and his acoustic version of “Stay”, which he performed with his guitar. I really wish he would have played more of his guitar throughout his set. Towards the end of his set, I could tell his voice was getting tired and sounded a bit raspy, but that’s expected after performing 21 songs.

Since his set was mostly just him singing on stage, he utilized the lights, fireworks, fog and pyrotechnics a lot more than any other concert I’ve been to. My favorite was the fog machines on the ceiling with flashing lights that made it look like clouds and lightening.

Post Malone at Enterprise Center. Photo by Ryan Ledesma.

My favorite song he performed was “Take What You Want” which features Ozzy Osbourne. Of course, Ozzy wasn’t on tour with him, so he had a video playing on the big screens singing along with him, which I thought was cool. I also really liked that Swae Lee came out to perform with Post Malone during the song “Sunflower”, which is from the movie “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”.

During the song “Rockstar”, he went and grabbed his acoustic guitar and smashed it on the stage and poured beer on it. I thought this was a bit unnecessary and could have been left out.

Post Malone at Enterprise Center. Photo by Ryan Ledesma.

The last song he played was “Congratulations”. Before starting, he gave a motivational speech about not letting anyone talk down to you, and just do what you want. He didn’t play an encore after this song, which I thought was interesting.

His performance was entertaining, and he sounded great. The bass hit hard during a lot of his songs and seemed to shake the entire stadium. The crowd was extremely loud and he vibed off it. I would recommend experiencing him when he comes through St. Louis again.

Overall, I thought it was an interesting show to attend. I mostly go to rock/metal shows, so this was different for me. Tyla Yaweh was my favorite opener out of the 3. I would definitely go and see him again. I have even downloaded a few of his songs on my Spotify account. Post Malone was pretty much what I expected. He played a lot of my favorite songs, and the crowd absolutely loved him.

Post Malone’s Set List:
1. Hollywood’s Bleeding
2. Better Now
3. Saint-Tropez
4. Goodbyes
5. Die For Me
6. Allergic
7. Candy Paint
8. Psycho
9. Enemies
10. Wow
11. Paranoid
12. I Fall Apart
13. Over Now
14. Take What You Want
15. Stay (acoustic)
16. Circles
17. Go Flex
18. White Iverson
19. Sunflower featuring Swae Lee
20. Rockstar
21. Congratulations

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