Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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John Mayer turns the Enterprise Center into an intimate venue

— by Jen Cunningham

John Mayer. Photo by Ryan Ledesma.

Just an intimate concert for me and thousands of my closest friends. The Enterprise Center, converted into one of those intimate clubs you find in unlikely places. Where singles sit in complete confidence and sway to the extended music solos. Those small venues where no one talks because no one wants to miss a second of what they are listening to. Scotch, or whiskey and water, vodka tonics with a light smoke haze… As big as Enterprise Center is, in this moment, it wasn’t. 
 John Mayer is as amazing now as he was in 2001, when Room For Squares became the CD that I never took out of the car.
I will admit I spent the first set acting like a complete fangirl. I got this photo with my phone.  

20190903_202158 (1).jpg

Yes, it did feel a bit like he looked straight at me. 
The first set went so fast. The list for set one included “Helpless, Vultures, Who Says, I Don’t Trust Myself(With Loving You), In the Blood, Waiting on the Day, Why Georgia, Changing, Edge of Desire, Still Feel Like Your Man.”
During the intro of “Waiting on the Day”, he talked about being in a relationship that was fading and wanting to just hold on tight and wait for the day it was good again. You could watch rows of people nodding in agreement.  
He was melting hearts of all ages all over that stadium. As he went to break my daughter informed me that he could just marry her right then. Her eyes when she found out he was older than me, were quite priceless. She spent the entire intermission searching his early stuff. 

John Mayer. Photo by Ryan Ledesma.

You don’t realize how truly special and amazing music is until you watch it unite generations of music lovers. THAT is a gift.
The 2nd set took on a completely different tone. We will call it Mayer After Midnight. The music became more mellow and acoustic, displaying not only his talent but the unbelievable talent of his band. 
I am so thankful that John Mayer has stayed true to his music. He has yet to bow to the pressure to evolve into something he’s not. For that I am incredibly grateful.
He (fake) ended the show with Gravity. An arena of swaying bodies and digital lighters (phone flashlights). Returning to the stage in a Blues jersey, the encore of “I’m Gonna Find Another You, and New Light” concluded a flawless performance of our beloved John Mayer. 
I give it 5 Stars! Its rare to see an artist that sounds as smooth live as they do on an album. 

John Mayer. Photo by Ryan Ledesma.

In case you were curious the set list for set 2 included “Emoji of a Wave, Daughters, Free Fallin’, Moving on and Getting Over, Love on the Weekend, Clarity, Queen of California, Fire on the Mountain (Grateful Dead Cover), The Beautiful Ones(Prince Cover), Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, Waiting on the World to Change, Rosie, and Gravity. The encore included ” I’m Gonna Find Another You and New Light.”

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