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Judas Priest and the St. Louis Blues Bring the Firepower Monday Night

Judas Priest. Photo by Robert Shaw.

–Review and Photos by Robert Shaw 

Monday afternoon and evening were great times to be in the Lou. Market St. closed for the party, and party it was, complete with Gary Clark Jr’s concert and Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Your St. Louis Blues brought heart pounding action at the Enterprise Center, while Uriah Heep and Judas Priest rained down heavy metal thunder at the Stifel. Neither crowd left unsatisfied as the nights biggest bashes ended.

Let’s Go Blues!

Uriah Heep. Photo by Robert Shaw.

Uriah Heep opened the festivities at the Stifel. The crowd (nice showing with the Stanley Cup Finals being played a few yards away), came in on its collective feet and stayed that way all evening. What a way for Priest to have their show opened. Uriah Heep pounded the audience for an hour with their brand of metal and had the crowd up and roaring for the headliner.

Judas Priest took the stage sans Rob Halford and began their first song. A spotlight hit, a curtain opened, and Halford came out to thunderous applause. Guitarist Richie Faulkner and Glen Tippton were on point, screaming guitars filled the Stifel while the rhythm section (Ian Hill, bassist and drummer Scott Travis) brought explosive rhythms. Halford’s voice has never been better in my humble opinion. The band’s wall of sound couldn’t drown out Holford’s brilliant vocals.

Judas Priest. Photo by Robert Shaw.

At one-point Faulkner and Tipton were playing the same solo an octave apart, it was one of the best moments of the nigh for me. Front man Halford went through a couple of costume changes adding a little more leather each time until he came out on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle covered in leather from head to toe and tore into “Hell Bent for Leather,” bringing the already exuberant crowd to a state of frenzy. Priest played “Breaking the Law,” “Livin’ After Midnight,” and “You Got Another Thing Comin’.” To end the night in fine fashion.

When Priest comes back to town do yourself a favor if metal is your flavor and go see them. You will not be disappointed, especially if they come back to the Stifel,  one of the finest venues in the city.

Judas Priest. Photo by Robert Shaw.

The crowd hadn’t had enough” Priest” so they stood and chanted for another encore until the house lights went up. Like any great band left their fans wanting more. The crowd happily chanted “let’s go Blues” as they left the gorgeous Stifel and made their way to their cars.

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