Joyous Wolf Brings Real Rock n Roll From The Next Generation

–by Jon Jackson

Hello Friends!  Let’s start off by saying two things:  First, I have had this album since the day it was released.  Second, I witnessed this album being delivered live while Joyous Wolf supported Buckcherry.  My opinion has been tainted and I am biased.  Rightfully so!  It was earned by the aforementioned.

I had not heard of this band prior to this release.  I knew  I would be seeing them and wanted to listen ahead of time.  I’m glad I did!

With a tasty fill by drummer Robert Sodaro, Joyous Wolf kicks off this album and already has you bopping your head along.  Singer Nick Reese tells everyone that he is a “Man” and he’s “Had Enough”.  Machismo deluxe runs all the way though this song.

They do not stop, but slow to a nice mid tempo song with “Quiet Heart”.  Bass player Greg Braccio syncs really smoothly with the drums allowing for a nice melody of guitars and vocals.  An aggressive bridge that drops into a guitar and vocal spotlight really got my attention.  I noticed a lot of the classic qualities Nick Reese has in his vocal delivery.  Not done yet!  Blake Allard finishes the song with a blistering guitar solo.

“Said Too Much” has the same qualities that have you engaged with this band from the start.  A talented group of players that compliment each other very well.

The title cut is next and another grove that has you swaying from side to side.  Guitar ditties and strong rhythm.  Something these guys do well and while telling you to “live like you want to live”.

Hold up!  Time to slow it down! My ear is caught in the net of those tantalizing guitar notes as Blake starts off “Feel the Low”.  Nick pours his heart out with a beautiful vocal performance.  A little help from Blake on the vocals with some harmonies.  I challenge anyone not to “feel” this song.

“Mother Rebel” has some very thick guitars crunching and sliding all over this one.  You will be screaming the title along with the band during the chorus just like I did.

We are at the last song “Undesired”.  Everyone in this band is showing their contributions as well as what kind of unit they are.  They are tight!  Boisterous drums, bass groves, guitar riffs and vocal aerobics.

Like I said when I started this, I am biased!  I love this band and will be watching them as they grow.  This album is still in heavy rotation.  I highly encourage you to check them out.  Especially if you get a chance to see them play.  You will thank me.

Rock On!

Place in Time track list:
Had Enough
Quiet Heart
Said Too Much
Place in Time
Feel the Low
Mother Rebel


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