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El Monstero marks twenty years of rocking St. Louis

El Monstero at The Pageant. Photo by Keith Brake.

–by Keith Brake

Well here we are in the final few days of 2018 which means two things; we all are looking forward to what next year brings us and El Monstero has sold out six more shows at The Pageant for the annual holiday run in Saint Louis. This year carries a little more weight than some however as it the twentieth anniversary of the event. The Mighty Favoz (KSHE 95) stepped onto the stage to welcome the crowd to what was the third show in the sequence asking how many first timers were in attendance and how many grizzled veterans. The Band had prepared a special video showcasing twenty years worth of memories from the Saint Louis shows and with the conclusion of this video, we were under way.

You may have noticed in the previous paragraph that I called this an “Event” rather than a show or concert, that is because it is much more than just a live performance. El Monstero is truly a fully engrossing experience that consistently sells out multiple shows night after night during their holiday event in Saint Louis…much, much more than “just a concert”. As I have come to make this part of my and my wife’s holiday tradition I am always amazed at the number of people in attendance whom have never witnessed the spectacle that is El Monstero. This, however, adds to the overall vibe and chemistry of the crowd, parents telling their children “Hey! Watch this part!” and those loyal attendees that just smile or raise a drink in admiration, when it all comes together it truly is one of the best experiences of the year.

El Monstero at The Pageant. Photo by Keith Brake.

For those of you you who may be wondering who the heck is El Monstero, first off, where in the world have you been? El Monstero is one of the (if not THE) premier Pink Floyd tribute that you could hope to see. The power of the production in symphony with top notch musicianship create an experience that would make Floyd themselves proud. I have been to several El Monstero productions and not one single time have I ever been let down. If you like Pink Floyd, El Monstero is a must see for you, it really is that simple. For those of you reading this thinking “Yeah, I need to go see one of these holiday shows!” I have good and bad news for you; all this year’s shows are sold out BUT there will be a summer show and another holiday run next year. All together this will make seven chances that you have in 2019 to experience the artistry of El Monstero.

As we bring the Holiday Season to a close I would like to extend Holiday well wishes to each and every one of you and as always thank you all so much for the continued support of myself and Midwest Rewind. Leave me some comments below the photo gallery and we can discuss El Monstero or the photos or upcoming shows.

Peace all.


3 thoughts on “El Monstero marks twenty years of rocking St. Louis

  • I saw the Saturday show and despite some issues properly adjusting his vocals, it was hands down the best the lead singer has sounded in the many shows I’ve seen. My only heartbreak was no “dogs”, but it is what it is.

    • Keith Brake

      They are always a pleasure to behold!

  • Tim Barth

    Keith don’t forget to mention the K,C. and Springfield shows. Great review! Spot on!


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