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El Monstero performing at The Pageant. Photo by Keith Brake Photography.

–By Keith Brake

As the Christmas season draws near Saint Louisans make preparation for their favorite holiday spectacle. That’s right, El Monstero. When it comes to the holiday season the annual series of shows mean as much to many in Saint Louis as Santa himself, and if you think I’m exaggerating, you have obviously never been part of it all.

The Pageant was packed from wall to wall this past Friday with a sold-out crowd, some of whom waited outside as long as seven hours before the doors opened. It was a cold wait on the sidewalks of Delmar Boulevard but that was not going to quell the spirits nor the anticipation of the eminent performance as the loyal fans of the annual shows ate, drank and were merry standing in line.

El Monstero performing at The Pageant. Photo by Keith Brake Photography.

When doors opened the prime spots at the foot of the stage filled quickly and before I realized what was going on, I found it so packed that it was difficult to maneuver. El Monstero leaves nothing to be desired in their light and sound production and on this night( as well as the other scheduled EM shows) an addition had been made to the stage only adding to the magnitude of what was yet to come. Children, mothers, fathers, siblings and even grandparents were gleefully in attendance, some all together as they had made this an evening with the family. I spoke with one gentleman who was elated that he was even able to get tickets to this show, elated because it was his wish to treat his 84 yr old father from Orlando, Florida to the Saint Louis holiday tradition, and he had been successful.

El Monstero performing at The Pageant. Photo by Keith Brake Photography.

As a tribute band you must be able to deliver on many levels to satisfy, this is no issue for the Saint Louis-based Pink Floyd cover crew. Mark Thomas Quinn (lead vocalist, guitar, lap steel) and Jimmy Griffin (lead vocalist, guitar) transport you back thru the wormhole with their amazing vocals and guitar work. Adding to the mix of excellent guitar tone and power is Bryan Greene ( electric, steel, and nylon guitar) from echo and effect to harmonizing solos, and Kevin Gagnepain amazing work on bass, these four deliver in spades on every number. The group is a full on “Floyd” experience, John Pessoni (drums, vocals) Bill Reiter (keys, vocals) Jake Elking (keys), Dave Farver (sax) and backing vocalists Erminie Cannon, Tandra Williams, and Coco Soul tie this entire production together so solid and perfect that a performance evolves into a true experience.

El Monstero performing at The Pageant. Photo by Keith Brake Photography.

Visually, I cannot think of another show that delivers the way Monstero does. The Pageant is not a massive stadium or amphitheatre but I have covered shows in larger venues whose production would be put to shame by what El Monstero has on display; Dancing girls, character actors, props, strobes, lasers and so much more. To accompany the visual brilliance: rock solid, crystal clear sound. A fantastically satisfying combination to accentuate the talent on stage.

El Monstero performing at The Pageant. Photo by Keith Brake Photography.

The evening consisted of more than 40 songs and over 3 hours of music with no supporting act. All Floyd. All night. There are three more shows that will take place on New Years Eve weekend, with tickets remaining for two of them, but I have a feeling you’d better move quickly if you want to attend. A spectacle, an experience, a tradition and a tribute to one of the most quintessential rock bands of our time. In a nutshell, this is El Monstero. If you are able and inclined, a night out with your loved ones for one of these holiday shows never disappoints.

Be sure to check out the gallery below the set list, Happy Holidays all

Peace, Keith.

El Monstero Setlist:

Set 1:

Pigs On The Wing (Part One)


Another Brick In The Wall (Part One)

The Happiest Days Of Our Lives

Another Brick In The Wall (Part Two)


Goodbye Blue Sky

Empty Spaces

Young Lust

One Of My Turns

Take It Back

Your Possible Pasts

The Gold It’s In The…

The Dogs Of War

Run Like Hell

One Of These Days

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Set 2:



Two Suns In The Sunset

Wish You Were Here

Have A Cigar

What Do You Want From Me

Speak to Me/Breath

On The Run


The Great Gig In The Sky


Us & Them

Any Colour You Like

Brain Damage



Not Now John

Pigs On The Wing (Part Two)

Hey You

Comfortably Numb


  • Jeff Rideout

    What, is Kevin just up there for show? No review would be complete without mentioning the Thunderous Bass of Kevin Gagnepain and his wild vocals on Run like Hell! He is the brains behind this project and the heart and soul of this group.
    Otherwise good review.

    • My thoughts exactly. I read back and forth a couple times thinking I must have missed the mention of KG. Even checked at the bottom of the page to see if perhaps there was more article. There wouldn’t even be an article here to write if it weren’t for Kevin. Otherwise good review…

      • well put Jeff and Jess. I’ve known Kevin since college. Solid Dude, hardest working guy you’ll ever meet. Talk to the rest of the band and crew to get a true sense of who he is.
        Jeff Rideout is right

  • John Greco

    Sure love to see you guys come back to Jefferson Barracks

  • Jack Noel

    Can’t believe you didn’t mention Kevin Gagnepain! He is El Monstero… he formed the band, leads the band, and is the one that keeps it all together from year to year.

    • Tony Burt

      Did this article get updated and reposted? He mentioned Kevin in the article I read. I agree that he is vital to everything that is El Monstero, but I’m not sure what all of the fuss is about? We attended our annual show on 12/23 this year and it was my favorite visual display to date….they never disappoint!


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