Just Another Typical Show by The Urge at The Pageant Saturday

The Urge performing at The Pageant in Saint Louis. Photo by Keith Brake Photography.

–By Keith Brake

Once again the Thanksgiving season is upon us and Saint Louisans are well familiar with what that brings. No, it is not a parade that we wait for, it is the annual Urge Thanksgiving show. Saint Louis’ favorite sons of ska packed the house once again at The Pageant, and per their usual standard left no one disappointed.

The Urge performing at The Pageant in Saint Louis. Photo by Keith Brake Photography.

Mathias and The Pirates, a local STL hip hop/funk/soul fusion band got the good vibes started while warming up the crowd on a chilly St. Louis night. This group, to me, has a familiar and comfortable style that makes you happy and just chill. Arrested Development mixed with some old school Common is where this group lands with me and I must say, I really enjoyed their set. The group has a CD dropping this December. Information about their upcoming events can be found on their Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/PiratesSTL/

Mathias and the Pirates. Photo by Keith Brake Photography.

PTMFUS!..PTMFUS!…PTMFUS!. If you are an Urge fan then you know what this means, probably have screamed it at the top of your lungs and just may have some merch with this proudly displayed. The crowd was full and quite ready for this performance by our beloved hometown favorites as they filled the building to the rafters with the familiar chant.

When Steve and the boys take the stage they hit you with a full frontal assault of pure awesome, and they don’t let up. Every song performed with as much vigor and pride for quality that they have put on display since they started in 1987. To say that they played crowd favorites would be a statement of the obvious as almost every song they put on display sets the crowd on fire and they feed off that energy. The Urge love STL as much as STL loves them and Steve Ewing (vocals) took the time to welcome and thank the crowd for packing the house again for the Thanksgiving show. He also wished everyone a very happy Thanksgiving while saying “I probably won’t see you next Thursday, so Happy Thanksgiving”.

The Urge performing at The Pageant in Saint Louis. Photo by Keith Brake Photography.

With The Urge having such an impact on the STL music scene for so long, I must ask the following question. Why the hell are they NOT on the Saint Louis walk of fame? Come on! These guys have been packing houses full all over STL for years, and as far quality, you get more than you pay for. Every. Single. Time. It seems like such a no-brainer to have these guys on the walk, and I am not the only one who thinks so. There is an online petition to get The Urge a star on the walk of fame in Delmar, it is not hard to find if you feel so inclined.

The Urge performing at The Pageant in Saint Louis. Photo by Keith Brake Photography.

The Urge is still the show to see in STL when they are on the bill in any room or venue and probably will be for quite some time as I witnessed fans of ALL ages buying merch last night. Children with their parents, some in princess dresses, elated to get their first Urge shirt as if it were a right of passage into being a true Saint Louisan.

It is fairly obvious that I would recommend getting your butt out to see these guys, they seem to get better every time they play and I have never been let down. Information concerning their upcoming dates and all other current news can be found at  http://www.theurge.net/ .

Thanks for the support folks,

Peace, Keith.


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