Angel Olsen Brings a Little Bit of Heaven to St. Louis

Photo by Ryan Ledesma

–By Marie Taylor

–Photos by Ryan Ledesma

So says the crowd that witnessed singer and musician Angel Olsen at The Pageant on Wednesday, October 4th.

If you’ve been waiting for some eclectic new music that draws inspiration from some of the best genres, look no further than singer/musician Angel Olsen and her band. The St. Louis native wowed audiences at The Pageant on Wednesday night by bringing a refreshing spin on alternative music. Olsen’s sound could be characterized as a folk/country/rock mixture, with some ‘80s pop thrown in for good measure. Her voice reminds me of quintessential Alannah Myles, and it was that sultry and unusual power that really held my attention for most of the night.

At times upbeat, other times with a melancholy vibe, the music from the night was refreshing and hypnotic. Olsen has a more reserved stage presence, but it’s not clear whether that’s her normal stage style or it had something to do with performing in her hometown. It didn’t deter the fans from engaging with the singer all night, and in fact many people in the pit looked transfixed every time the singer began a new song.

Photo by Ryan Ledesma

The band’s performance had bursts where it went wild and the musicians showed off their personality, but by-and-large the show focused on Olsen and her voice. I would have loved to see more involvement and movement from each band member, but there were also a lot of them which could be more chaotic.

Despite the lack of movement, the band had a very cool aesthetic, as all members (save Olsen) dressed up in light bluish/gray suits for the whole performance. Olsen’s presence was again highlighted as she wore a black dress and heels. The move had me thinking back to the ‘50s and ‘60s when female vocalists were backed by musicians in matching suits. I love a good vintage twist.

Photo by Ryan Ledesma

Olsen’s brand of music would be the perfect accompaniment to a night out with friends and drinks, sitting at a more intimate venue like The Pageant and just enjoying the sounds of the night. If you like eclectic music that will leave you transfixed, then you should check out Angel Olsen’s most recent album My Woman and see what all the fuss is about.

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