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The Point Brought out the Time Machine With Wayback Pointfest Sunday

The Urge at Wayback Pointfest. Photo by Keith Brake Photography.

–by Keith Brake

105.7 The Point got their retro vibe going strong this past Sunday at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre with Way Back Pointfest 2017. The day featured some names that you couldn’t help but hear if you turned on the point back in the 90’s; Offspring, Goldfinger and The Urge being some of the most noteable. Tee shirts with the “classic” point logo could be found for purchase to add to the retro feel.

The event featured two stages and seven bands in total. My Posse N Effect got the day started on the side stage and entertained the blossoming crowd with a fairly rousing set of Beastie Boys covers. Gold chains, Adidas track suits and gold plated microphones furthered the Beasties look and feel for the group.

The Offspring at Wayback Pointfest. Photo by Keith Brake Photography.

Reel Big Fish opened the main stage entertainment with their unique brand of Ska. The energy and attitude of this group can be infectious as it is quite obvious that they are having a great time on stage. The Horn section of Reel Big Fish, featuring a saxophone player that looks a whole lot like Conor McGregor, seem to play with reckless abandon and this makes their sets very entertaining.

The highlight of the second stage was, undeniably, Goldfinger. They took the stage and owned the crowd and the vibe from the very first note they struck. Featuring a local favorite,” Moon” on guitar, and dripping with smiles and energy you cannot help yourself; once you see them live you will be a fan. The boys in Goldfinger drew what seemed to be every person in attendance over to the second stage, it was packed. They did not disappoint the masses, their set was a ripper and the big crowd loved it.

Goldfinger at Wayback Pointfest. Photo by Keith Brake Photography.

The remaining three acts slated for the main stage were The Offspring, Sublime With Rome and The Urge. The Urge was the first of these three to perform, and the crowd was more than ready for some of that M. F. URGE S**t! Almost everyone from the St. Louis metro area knows The Urge’s music and if you have watched them live you know how much fun it is to be in attendance. Steve Ewing (vocals) and the rest of the guys had no intention of letting the big hometown crowd down. The performance was, in my opinion, the highlight of the day; energy, musical acuity and love for the crowd, they had it all.

The Offspring played a very solid and entertaining set that was certainly hit laden. Noodles (lead guitar) Dexter Holland (vocals/guitar) and Greg K (bass) still have the same magic working for them that has been there since the mid 80’s. Dexter’s voice is still quite strong so the vocal delivery for the set was on point and the music is still as good as ever. The Offspring can still bring it, and that was great to see; certainly a show worth catching.

The Offspring at Wayback Pointfest. Photo by Keith Brake Photography.

Sublime With Rome closed the evening out and took to the stage under a shroud of moody green lights. This formation of band mates is what lives on under the sublime moniker since the unfortunate passing of Bradley Nowell. Eric Wilson (original bassist for Sublime) is still laying down the bass lines as slick as ever and guitarist/vocalist Rome Ramirez does a damn fine job of carrying on the legacy that was left for him. A very solid set that would make most any Sublime fan happy they witnessed it.

The Urge at Wayback Pointfest. Photo by Keith Brake Photography.

All in all the day was, in my estimation, a success. Some great 90’s bands still getting it done in style combined with 105.7 The Point’s presence make me anxious to see what is in store for the next Way Back Pointfest. Whatever the lineup may be, I am sure it will have some names that we just have to see one more time!

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