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311 rocked a sold out Pageant Theater Thursday

New Politics photo by Keith Brake Photography

–By Keith Brake

This past Thursday (June 29,2017) 311 came strolling into town with supporting acts New Politics and The Skints. The band is currently on their “Unity” tour promoting their latest album Mosaic. The Pageant was the chosen destination for the St. Louis date and with much love from the loyal fans of STL, it sold out in a matter of minutes after ticket sales opened. The band has been plugging away since 1988 and the latest album release is their twenty second offering (including live and compilation albums) for consumption.

The vibe was powerful at the Pageant this night, 311’s music is upbeat and energetic and the sold out crowd was in high anticipation for what was to come. The Skints took the stage and had the attention of the crowd immediately. This British Ska-Reggae-Dub fusion group hits you right in the face with upbeat happy music and positive vibes; when The Skints are doing their thing it is almost impossible not to move to the music, in fact I saw a fellow photographer dancing in the pit as he was shooting. Marcia Richards (vocals, keys, saxophone) and Joshua Waters Rudge (vocals, guitar) have an energy and presence while fronting this group that cannot be denied, and it was obvious why The Skints were chosen to open this show.

New Politics photo by Keith Brake Photography

After a very short intermission New Politics blasted onto the stage and boy, oh boy, did the energy levels rise. So, you say you like energy in a live show? How about interaction with the crowd, old school floor work (break dancing), headstands, a Beastie Boys cover, and CRAZY energy! Soren Hansen (guitar, vocals), David Boyd (vocals) and Louis Vecchio (drums) do not  just set out to entertain you, they want you to remember what it means to experience a New Politics show live, and I must say, it is quite enjoyable. The boys covered the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” and  the sold out crowd went nuts, this is also where Mr. Boyd showed of his floor working skills. The highlight of the set  was the performance of their new single “One of US”, David Boyd walked out onto the hands of the fans and they held him as he sang to them. New Politics whipped the crowd into a frenzy of anticipation and excitement for 311, just as a supporting act should.

After two supporting acts absolutely killing it, 311 was on the spot to keep the show at a crescendo. They dropped the house lights and before any sound was made or any face seen, the crowd was electric and a roaring applause ensued. 311 played to the suspense with an intro that involved only an empty stage and their video screens. The raucous applause continued thru the intro and when the boys finally stepped out it, unbelievably, it increased in volume. The first selection for the evening was “Perfect Mistake”, track 5 from the new album Mosaic, the energy and presence the band opened with told the crowd right away they were in for a treat. It is always impressive when a band that has been going for many years (almost 30) still owns the show, loves the fans and is still on point vocally and instrumentally, 311 delivers in every aspect. Nick Hexum (vocals, guitar) and SA Martinez (vocals, turntable) are still as smooth as silk and still captivating during performance. P-Nut (bass), Chad Sexton (drums) and Tim Mahoney (guitar) are tight and polished and every single note, riff and rhythm are exactly as they should be. The 311 Boys mixed in selections from their new album as well as perennial mega hits like “Down”, “Amber”, “Beautiful Disaster” and “All Mixed Up”. The interaction with the fans and overall charisma of the band as a whole is another impressive thing to watch, they still make sure those in attendance feel the love. The stage production was also on point which added to the experience, it is always nice to see a band doing it “big” even at the intimate venues.

New Politics photo by Keith Brake Photography

All in all, 311 puts on an amazing show and their supporting acts leave nothing to be desired, the show is solid from front to back. The tour moves into Lincoln NE, Chicago IL and Kansas City MO and has dates running into September. Tour Schedule and all other things 311 can be found at This show is highly entertaining and comes with a high recommendation from me, can’t go wrong with tickets for this tour if you are a fan of 311.



311 photo by Keith Brake Photography

Perfect Mistake (new album)

Beautiful Disaster



All Mixed Up

The Night is Young (new album)

You Wouldn’t Believe

Too Much To Think (new album)

Wildfire (new album)




Too Late (new album)

Come Original

One In The Shame

Hey Yo (new album)

Applied Science


Days of 88 (new album)

Sick Tight




On A Roll (new album)

Beyond The Gray Sky

Feels So Good

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