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The Cult stood the test of time at The Pageant Sunday

The Cult photo by Keith Brake Photography

— By Keith Brake

Since 1984 The Cult have been sharing their music with the world, and thirty-three years later they are still at it. Ian Astbury (vocals and percussion) and the boys made a stop in St. Louis while touring to promote their new album, “Hidden City”.


The Cult photo by Keith Brake Photography

         Vowws, an electro synth rock duo from Australia, is the supporting act for the tour. Almost immediately it is obvious why The Cult would choose them. Vowws brings a pure 80’s sound and nuances of bands such as Depeche Mode, New Order and Love and Rockets. The two-piece act do a more than fair job at having a full sound and their music brought positive response from those in attendance.


Members of The Cult have come and gone since 1984 but two constants have remained, Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy (Lead Guitarist). Billy Duffy is quite possibly one of the most underrated guitarists in all of rock music but the boys in the band know what they have and they showed Billy the respect he deserves. He opened their set under a single spot light, and treated the crowd to some amazing guitar work right from the very first note of “Wild Flowers”.


Thirty-three years is a long time to keep a voice in shape, but it seems Mr. Astbury has not lost a single step. Ian took the stage dripping with rock and roll attitude and immediately showcased what is still a unique, clear and powerful voice. Cult fans are accustomed to seeing some familiar stage antics from Ian, from the mic swing to the flying tambourines down to the dance moves, it’s all still on display.

The Cult photo by Keith Brake Photography


Highlights of the evening included a quite powerful performance of “Sweet Soul Sister”, “She Sells Sanctuary” and “Firewoman”. “Firewoman”, as most would expect, brought a standing ovation when the band kicked the tune into gear. The Guitar stylings of Billy Duffy and the Familiar power in Ian’s voice must also be considered highlights, as both in their own way are completely captivating.


The Cult will now head towards Texas to wrap this round of promotion of “Hidden City” and Vowws will stay on board to offer support. Bottom line, they can still bring it and I would recommend taking the time if ever The Cult is in your area.



1: Wild Flower

2: Rain

3: Dark Energy

4: Honey From A Knife

5: Love

6: Lil Devil

7: Gone

8: Birds Of Paradise

9: Deeply Ordered Chaos

10: Sweet Soul Sister

11: Fire Woman

12: The Phoenix

13: She Sells Sanctuary



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