The Illusionists mesmerized audience during opening night at The Fabulous Fox

The Illusionists’ Kevin James photo by Joan Marcus

— By Keith Brake

“The Illusionists, Live From Broadway” features some of today’s top magicians, escape artists and weapons experts. To say this is your “traditional” magic show would be a gross mischaracterization as it so much more than that. The cast is diverse and unique, pretty much guaranteeing that it will be entertaining for all ages. At least that was the case Friday night during the opening show of a three-night stint at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Saint Louis. 


The Illusionists have a special way of interacting with the audience and actually making them part of the show. Using a member of the audience is nothing new for a magic show but each illusionist has their own special way about them so some volunteers could not stop laughing as others could not wait to exit the stage.


Jeff Hobson photo by Joan Marcus

Jeff Hobson, known as “The Trickster”, a perennial performer with more than twenty thousand live performances to his credit, hosted the evening. You may have seen Jeff if you visited Las Vegas, he has been known as “The Host Of Las Vegas” for more than 15 years now. Jeff’s mixture of comedy and illusion are a nice element to start the show, he garnered much laughter and applause right from the start and set the tone for the evening.


The cast is flush with talent. Kevin James, known as “The Inventor” has had his ideas showcased by David Copperfield, Penn and Teller and Doug Henning. Kevin has also been invited to the White House to showcase his talents.


Colin Cloud, “The Deductionist” wowed the crowd with his powers of deduction and illusion. Straight from Scotland, and citing Sherlock Holmes as his idol, Colin seems to know things he simply should not know.


Dan Sperry photo by Joan Marcus

Dan Sperry AKA “The Anti-Conjuror” brings with him a dark sense of humor and , at times, almost horrific illusions. Dan’s chosen assistant from the crowd was on edge the whole illusion. This only made it more enjoyable for everyone else in attendance.


All the way from South Korea, An Ha lim, “The Manipulator” holds the title of “World Champion” of magic. He mesmerized the audience with two performances as he seems to make things appear from thin air.


“The Daredevil”, Jonathan Goodwin showcased his skills with the crossbow with the help of two very brave assistants. The crowd was entertained with his skills and cander. Like all good illusions the the real trick is hidden until the end, entertainment turned to amazement when Jonathan revealed what had been there all along.

Andrew Basso photo by Joan Marcus



Known as “The Escapologist”, Andrew Basso payed homage to Mr. Harry Houdini. The Italian escape artist kept rendered the crowd breathless and in full suspense while he performed one of Harry’s most iconic stunts.


All in all the show is quite entertaining and the Fox Theatre is a perfect setting as there is not a bad seat in the house. “The Illusionists” is more than just a magic show, it’s comedy, dance, theatre and of course illusion. Fun for the whole family, this show will keep you on the edge of your seat and laughing the whole time.

The show continues through Sunday, tickets are still available at the Fox Theatre box office or online at

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