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Album Review: AlphaMega Deliver With “Regeneration Machine”


–by Robert Wilkins

AlphaMega is the name of a band that is new to me, but it isn’t a name I will forget any time soon. They recently released a new full-length album on Ironshore Records titled “Regeneration Machine”. It could have just as easily been called Bring the Fire because that’s exactly what they did.

The band is composed of Adam Ryan on Vocals, Michael Christian on guitar and Chrissy Warner on drums. Their musicianship as a band is on another level and each sound as if they are a virtuoso of their individual instrument. Make no mistake. These guys are no overnight sensation. Each of them has been hard at work through the years while in several other bands each.

It’s a bit hard to put a label on the sound these guys make. They are heavy to be sure, but the music is extremely melodic. So then how about melodic metal? I’d say simply, how about just calling it music that doesn’t suck. The songs are well written, and the production of the album is crisp and sounds excellent.

The opening track “To the Wolves” is probably the hardest song on the album. It has a fierce guitar riff and some of the best double bass drum playing I’ve heard in some time. While the song starts off like you are being bashed in the head, it slows a bit and has some great guitar leads.

“Sound of Your Excuse” would be my pick as a single to distribute to rock radio stations. It is a stadium worthy rocker that deserves to be played with a killer light show. Chrissy Warner plays the drums like his life depends on it and Michael Christians guitar playing is on par with the best in hard rock and heavy metal. This is the kind of song that is written so well it makes previously ignored genres “pop”.

There is a lot going on in this band and it is all good. They seem to be out to do their own thing and are making a concerted effort to not get pigeonholed. I have a feeling these guys will be around for a while. The band are currently on an east coast tour in support of Halocene FT. Lauren Babic. Hopefully they will make it out through the rest of the country and beyond. The record sounds like they deserve it.


Regeneration Machine Track List:
1. To The Wolves
2. Pariah
3. To Be Human
4. Sound Of Your Excuse
5. Good To Be Numb
6. Eye Of Horus
7. Annihilator
8. The War
9. Late To the Party
10. Snake In the Grass
11. A World Afraid of Tomorrow
12. No Longer Broken
13. Neon Casket


Upcoming Tour Dates:

June 2 – Durham, NC – Motor Co Music Hall*
June 4 – Virginia Beach, VA – Elevation 27*
June 5 – Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie*
June 7 – Lakewood, OH – Mahall’s*
June 8 – Columbus, OH – Ace Of Cups*
June 9 – Indianapolis, IN – Hoosier Dome*
June 11 – Nashville, TN – The End*
June 13 – Tampa, FL – Hooch And Hive*
June 14 – Orlando, FL – Level 13*
June 15 – Jacksonville, FL – Jack Rabbits*

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