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San Roman’s Debut Solo Album “Messy” is Out and Our Review is In

San Roman photo courtesy of Big Picture Media.


–by Robert Wilkins

Alexa San Roman currently runs her own company called Alexa San Roman Productions. While she enjoys many forms of art, she currently pays the bills by recording, editing, and coloring videos. If you are interested in hiring her for your wedding or bar mitzvah, you had better hurry up. If there is any justice in the world, she will soon be making her living strictly as a musician.

Alexa has been in and around music for a long time. She joined her first band at 15 years old as a guitar player and quickly took over vocal duties as well. Two of her bands Love, Robot and Heirsound have had moderate success while producing multiple records and several music videos.

After a five-year break from music Alexa is back with her first solo project eponymously named San Roman. This is the first time she has been the sole songwriter on a project as the band consists only of her playing guitar and singing along with a drummer. The new record titled Messy comes out this weekend to rave reviews and there are multiple videos available on-line for your viewing pleasure.

The first single and video from the record is a song called “Stay Where You Are.” It is like crack (or so I have heard). I cannot get enough of it! The recording has an alt-pop quality to it and at times sounds like she is channeling her inner Courtney Love. It is a very catchy and well written tune about separating yourself from someone else’s bull-hockey. I’m sure just about anyone over the age of twelve years old can relate to that on some level.

I was listening to this record while writing the review. I had been thinking about what a great rhythm guitar player Alexa is. While I was bouncing my head to “Hang Around” she hit me with some great leads too. I also realized during this song that the drummer is quite good as well. Unfortunately, I was unable to find out who it was playing on the recordings. If you read this Alexa, give them a shout out!

“Messy” and “Everybody’s Dying” are also favorites of mine from this album. Both songs are aggressive rockers that are equal parts punky, snotty, and aggressive while maintaining a catchy hook. What’s not to love? They both have the feeling of familiarity like you have heard them somewhere before while still sounding fresh and new.

The whole record is great but would be worth paying for even if it only contained the four songs mentioned above. Alexa looks great and sounds even better! She is the total package and has rockstar written all over her. If Joan Jett were ready to pass the super cool rocker chick torch, I think it should go to Alexa San Roman. I can only hope she decides to go on tour so that I can have a chance to see her ply her trade live. She sure looks like she has a wonderful time doing it.


Track Listing

  1. Anxiety Cry Night
  2. Messy
  3. Julia
  4. Everybody’s Dying
  5. Hang Around
  6. Somewhere Over There
  7. All Of My Life
  8. Rain Cloud
  9. Stay Where You Are
  10. Will I See You


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