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LucaBrasi Deliver on new album “Prefader Postfader”


-by Robert Shaw


If you are a fan of Album Oriented Rock, written by adults for adults, you will love Prefader Postfader. If well written, well played, and well produced rock is your thing, then run, don’t walk and go find LucaBrasi’s new album. 

The band is full of St. Louis talent. Bill Reiter (The Urge/El Monstero), Jerry Jost (The Urge), Mike Jost and Josiah Werner (Adair/Disturbing the Peace), and Matt McInerney (Life W/O Wayne). The band is as tight as any you will hear. Great guitar work, rhythm section is spot on, and the keys provide an overriding melody that adds texture and complexity to rock rumbling underneath.

Try as I might, I couldn’t place LucaBrasi in a box for ease of review. I can hear some influences, Journey, Rush, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and Styx. However LucaBrasi doesn’t sound like anyone I can pinpoint. Another great reason to give this album a spot on your playlist. 

Dig into this fine piece of rock and roll, listen to it at least three times before you judge it’s worth. With the name of the band being LucaBrasi. With song titles Lemy would have used on a Motorhead album, I was expecting a rip your throat out metal sound. That being said, my first listen didn’t go the way I thought it would. Judging a book by it’s cover is never a good way to go. This album grew on me every time I listened again. I appreciated it more and more.

By the time my good wife was sick of hearing the same music over and over again, I was really impressed with the work as a whole. From it’s well written verses to its driving guitar work and excellent musicianship I can highly recommend LucaBrasi’s, Prefader/Postfader. And give it a rating of 4.5 stars. I cannot wait to hear it live in the Lou! Rock on dear friends rock on.

Robrt Shaw, Midwest Rewind.

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