Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Bon Jovi’s UNBROKEN is a touching tribute to our veterans and their service dogs

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–by Michael Pierce

War has always been certain to bring about many changes. One of those things is advancement in medical processes and procedures.

The other is music.

Every war has its music. The Civil War gave us THE VACANT CHAIR. World War Two gave us Vera Lynn’s THE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER. Vietnam gave us many songs that covered the spectrum of feelings relative to that conflict.

UNBROKEN is an absolutely phenomenal tune. In the span of five minutes it takes listeners from enlistment to postwar treatment, and I think it’s the first song to pay tribute to service dogs, the unsung heroes helping those who are struggling with visible and invisible damage. Listening to the song,or watching the video, will tear at your heart, and I hope it will encourage you to thing about what happens to the young men and women who come home after fighting our wars.

You’ve possibly heard stories about people being denied entry into buildings because of their service dogs. This is illegal. You can learn more about that here.

I spent the final sixteen years of my working life in a federal agency that serves veterans. Members of my family have fought in every conflict since the French and Indian War. My parents taught me, at a young age, that a person could hate the war yet love and support the soldier and veteran.

Give UNBROKEN a watch or a listen. It’ll make you think.

“Unbroken” was written for the documentary, To Be of Service, about veterans and their service dogs.

All proceeds from your downloads will be donated to the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation.


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