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Greek Fire Takes Fans In The Right Direction With Orientation

Greek Fire: Orientation

By Sean Derrick

For most fans of the alt-rock band Greek Fire getting new music has been a long time coming. Last month’s quiet release of their newest ep Orientation has helped satisfy some of that craving, while at the same time teasing and them hungry for more.

The band last released an album of new material in 2014 with Lost. The original idea was to make that part of a double release followed up shortly thereafter with Found.

However, plans changed, life happened and Found was placed on a hiatus. With different issues happening in their lives the band found a new direction for their plans. The path for the band changed and the straight line to Found needed a new compass, so to speak. The band came up with Broken, an album that puts them in a place that coincided with their lives at that time, and due to drop on February 14, 2019.

So as a way of reintroducing the band to the world they chose five songs to get them back on the path by way of Orientation.

Recently the band was featured during the final of “So You Think You Can Dance” with their song “Top of the World”.

Now a trio after the departure of guitarist Ryan Phillips, the band is forging ahead with a powerful sound that really brings out the talents of the band.

From the opening growling guitar on “The Ride”, a track long time fans have enjoyed live, the direction has been clear: this record was meant to be fun and just to let out some pent-up aggression.

“The Ride”, along with another fan favorite in “Running Away” give long time fans the opportunity to finally have some beloved songs on a record that they can listen to whenever they want.

The record overall has a harder edge feel to it, especially in their lead single “The Ride” “Running Away” and one of my new favorite tracks “Abandon Ship”, while retaining that typical Greek Fire feel that fans are familiar with in the uplifting dynamics of “Diana’s Car” and “One Girl”.

“Abandon Ship” has that feel of that one track you want to crank up when you are in your car and just want to tell that one person off (be it a boss, girlfriend, friend, co-worker, etc.), but know better.

Vocalist/guitarist Moon shines with his hauntingly powerful vocals (especially on “Running Away”) while kicking axe on guitar throughout the record.

Bassist Mark Joseph Roth continues to impress with his prowess on the bass guitar (just listen to the intrinsic notes of “One Girl” and tell me differently).

Johnny Venus drumming is flawless as he creates a dynamic fill that gets your blood pumping (especially on “Running Away”).

Together, along with the varying complexities of each song, the band puts out a sound that feels like it is coming from a band twice as big – a true measure of a band that has all the characteristics that they about to break out to the big time. Each time I listen to Orientation I hear a new approach I missed, like peeling away multi payers of a flower petal.

And all this is just a hint at things to come. If you don’t believe me about the ability of this band to put out music that doesn’t just rely on one sound just check out the difference between Orientation and the band’s teaser for the full-length album Broken in their cover of the Cyndi Lauper hit “True Colors”, which just premiered this past Friday (Check it out here). Moon’s vocals on Greek Fire’s version of this song is hauntingly beautiful and full of emotion.

Coupled with the known tracks of “Coming Out of the Rain” and “If This Is The End (The Sound of Belief)” it is safe to say Broken will be everything Greek Fire fans have hoped for and more. In the meantime, Orientation is a fantastic reintroduction to the band and the direction they are headed. It is available for download on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon.

If you like “True Colors” (Who wouldn’t? I mean listen to it!) you can pre-order the record via the band’s Pledgemusic campaign here, where you will find many options of merchandise and signed CD’s and Vinyl records from the band.


Greek Fire image by Ben Vogelsang, via Big Picture Media.


Orientation track listing:

The Ride

One Girl

Running Away

Diana’s Car

Abandon Ship



 Broken Track listing:

What’s Left

I Do

Wait It Out

Just a Little Is Enough

Coming Out Of The Rain

True Colors

Across The Sea

I Don’t Wanna Leave This Place

If This Is The End (The Sound of Belief)

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